An imagery studio based in Paris and Manila.

/ Studio

We are a communication studio representing a diverse family of creative voices.

Whether it’s an ad agency, artist, brand, or entertainment partner, we collaborate with those who share a passion for making a positive impact on brands.

We like to create stories but we like even more to bring them to life. Our mission is to design for each product its most effective and memorable form of expression. We believe in clarity of form and precision of the message in order to give the right voice to each content and expression of the brand.

/ Team

Naro is the symbiosis of 3 different visions

With the aim of bringing together their complementary skills around a single one.
Yoann Sirvin
Multimedia designer
Pablo de Gastines
Creative director, Illustrator
Lucas de Gastines
Music and film maker
Wait a second, that’s not it…

Small team,
Big impact

Our will is to find the good person for the right answer

We have developed a network made of freelancers, creatives, marketers, etc… In a way to always offer a tailored answer to fit the project. Click here to discover our closest collaborators and their respective jobs.

/ Areas
We love travelling

Food, Energy, Professional Services, Film industry, Fashion & Lifestyle, Arts & Culture…

We have extensive experience of operating across a vast array of industries – from state-of-the-art ones, such as sustainable energy to refreshingly irreverent ones as fashion.

Each project is taken through a strategic process, resulting in a meaningful, adaptive design solution. B2B, Tech Startup, Public & NGO, Education, E-commerce, etc..