The Cure

Feed your mood with rock spirit

The Cure is a restaurant open since september 2017. The concept is built on the idea that healthy cooking can be gourmet and fun and can be customised according to the mood of the customer.

The global branding mission (naming, brand strategy, brand voice, visual identity, web, interior design) is about finding an original way to introduce a healthy dimension to the market positioning.

The visual identity of the restaurant is ‘Officine* Rock’, a concept inspired by the founders love of these two worlds, intersecting elements of traditional apothecaries with an atmosphere of rock n’ roll chic. This offbeat identity comes together to create an original and innovative space, introducing a new way of interpreting the restaurant industry.

* Officine is an old French world meaning Pharmacy

/ Concept
/ Brand identity
/ Stationnery
/ Space design
/ Print
/ Motion
/ Web
/ Photos

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